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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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Our Man in Afghanistan

The story everyone but the ABC missed:

Tony Abbott actually wanted to go on missions with the troops in Afghanistan.

I knew he wanted to go back to the polls, but to force a by-election in Manly?

(this made me angry - the hooha about not visiting with the PM and "jet lag" I thought was a nonstory - it was up to Abbott to decide when he wanted to visit the troops - but to want to put them and himself actively at risk reveals that, as Guy Rundle pointed out in Crikey, he really is just a 16 year old boy.)
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I'm finding it really difficult to follow politics at the moment. It's excruciating - the whole public discourse has degenerated to "I know you are but what am I?"


(I blame Tony Abbott, obviously.)

I blame the handlers of both parties, but I think TA's being especially disingenuous.

I also blame the media for inflating non-issues (apparently the TA's a coward for not joining the PM in Afghanistan story originated from the SMH, not from the PM's office - but the PM's office didn't defuse the story by saying we knew of his travel plans all along... oh god, you're right it's just so depressing.)

Let him go. If he gets shot, good riddance.

leas note: I am not normally this callous about human (or other forms of) life, but the Boy who cried Wolf! is trying my patience.

it is a lot of silliness.
No stories like that should originate from the SMH, the journos should have some ethics. I didn't read any coward stuff anyway - it was about jet lag, what I saw.

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