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Loot from Worldcon and Melbourne

We're back in Sydney briefly, before heading off to Canberra for our wedding anniversary and my brother's 40th birthday (which we will have to spend without him, as he's overseas.)

We gathered up all our loot from Worldcon (and our first nonCon day in Melbourne) and sent it to ourselves in the hope that it would arrive before we went off to Canberra.

Boxes from Melbourne

It did.

So what did these mysterious packages contain?

Books by our friends

Books by our friends (or containing stories by our friends - some of which took home Ditmars!)

Books by Worldcon guests

Books by writers at Worldcon (there are two Hugo winners hidden in there, can you spot them? The Charles Stross one doesn't count.)

Shaun Tan's books

Books by Shaun Tan (who deserves both his own category and his Hugo. YAY!)

Other books

Not specifically con-related: I bought the Ramsey Campbell from Justin, and ferkster gave me the Rick Geary as it was a dupe.

Game purchases

After the Con we went to Mind Games (though the three decks of playing cards are from elsewhere: the Burton Exhibition, a shop we found on our last day and the Melbourne tourist cards are from the Immigration Museum.)

CDs from Melbourne

And Collector's Corner in Swanston St and Recycled Records in Chapel St

DVDs and USB Robot

who also sell DVDs (the one on the far left is a collection of four Sam Fuller films.) The toy robot was picked up from the same place as the metal playing cards on the last day - it's actually a USB hub.

No, I couldn't resist.

And finally:


The catalogue from the Tim Burton exhibition, a ginger jar from Chapel Street Bazaar (murasaki_1966  has never forgiven me for taking her there), magnetic poetry from Mind Games, and two gorgeous hatpins from a dealer at Worldcon.

And in the cylinder? Ah, that will have to wait until we get back from Canberra!

More Worldcon photos to follow - probably in reverse order.

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Ooh, Apollo 18 is one of my favourite albums by TMBG! Hmm, Jaipur, I think I've played that recently. Is it about tea, and does it have rolling barrels, or is that something else I'm thinking of?

I think that's Darjeeling that you're thinking of.

Jaipur is a two player game.

Not included in pictures: 3 new pairs of earrings, three Shaun Tan prints, the weird game pieces, ans six pairs of socks.

And a belt - and the weird steampunk buttons (but I don't have those yet.)

and whatever's in that mysterious white bag you won't let me look in.

Yummy books!

I saved most of my bookbuying til the last day and then had 4 panels that day. What this means is that I only got 1/3 of the titles I intended to buy.

I gather you're chuffed about the Ditmars :)

I gather you're chuffed about the Ditmars :)

Very. We were following it on Twitter as we were out to dinner with Helen Merrick's husband. He was also chuffed, as you'd imagine.

Chuffed all round, we are.

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