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Worldcon Day 5 and Aftermath - for reals this time

Last day of the con.

Nothing I hankered for at the start of the day, so we got in just before 10 and I spent the time filling in holes. Had to get The New Space Opera containing Peter Watt's story, The City and The City and, preferably Swordpoint by Ellen Kushner - who I had fallen for during the con - but had to make do with Thomas the Rhymer.

Next was the Joss Whedon panel. Now I can say for sure that I am not a fan of Joss Whedon fans. I'm not a huge fan of Joss Whedon anyway (I think he's a clever and smart writer who gets too tangled up in subverting genre tropes to create anything with real heft - that said, "The Body" was still the best treatment I've seen on sudden bereavement that I've ever seen - let's just say I'm ambivalent.) An interesting discussion threatened to break out about racism in Firefly (a Chinese dominated future with no major Chinese characters in it), but we swiftly moved on to Charlie's Angels 2.0 - I mean Dollhouse - before any really criticism could be made.

Meet up with murasaki_1966 and over the bridge to the World Trade Centre to the mini food court there - where they had FREE wifi - not the expensive kind that flooded the convention centre.

Back to the con for a panel on counter historicals with Kim Stanley Robinson and gillpolack that swung wildly between the academic and the interesting. In the few dying hours of the con, I went to my last panel on reviews in horror fiction - with deborahb, stephen_dedman and martinlivings. It was quite a fun panel, even if I was proving most of the audience content myself and it was one last chance to actually meet martinlivings in the flesh.

Then the closing ceremony, where we found that we really wanted to get to Renovation next year as we are big fans of Tim Powers and Bill Willingham (well, Fables, really.)

Yes, we have caught the Worldcon bug. We certainly won't be able to make Reno next year, but a few years down the line we'll be looking at attending our next one.

Then it was off to finally catch up with dalekboy to exchange geek dna and down to the bar for the final farewells, before one final visit to the Crown Centre food court for dinner with D & K and then to bed - where we pretty much collapsed.

I have way too many people to thank for making our first worldcon a fabulous experience, so I will do what I can in listing them:

Thanks to alanbaxter for getting us into the con mood before we'd even arrived.

Thanks to Melissa and Fraser (and family) for a very entertaining evening in a very geeky household.

Thanks to girliejones and editormum and punkrocker1991 and Keith S for ensuring I will not run low on top notch Australian spec fic for some time to come.

"Thanks" to chuckmck1 for avoiding that drink he owes me by working like a trojan.

Thanks to Rob Hood and Paul Poulton for making my first panel much less of a sphincter tightener than it could have been. And thanks to Rob for making the technology work in his panel so much better.

Thanks to catsparx for the invite, for the moderation of the Bond panel, and stuff in general.

Thanks to autopope for opening my drink.

Thanks to Rob Shearman for encouraging ferkster and I to expand one of our plays and for being on one of the best and most useful panels to us.

Thanks to ferkster, just so he knows he's been thanked.

Thanks to gillpolack and kaaronwarren for making me proud to be their friend (catsparx and Rob Hood also need to go here but by now that should go without saying)

Thanks to whoever it was who found my debit card and handed it in.

Thanks to Shaun Tan and Peter Watts for winning Hugos and making me tear up.

Thanks to Nick for putting up with a colossal amount of shit.

Thanks to dalekboy for same but also the geek dna.

And no thanks to the Con committee for publishing an unwarranted apology.

And finally thanks very much to angriest who put me on panels in the first place, giving me a view of the Worldcon that I never would have had otherwise. I hope you've had the chance to catch up on some sleep.
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