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Worldcon Day 4

Again a slow start.

murasaki_1966 had found a short cut from the tram stop through the World Trade Centre to the Convention Hall. Not really a short cut, but undercover for most of it which is more important in Melbourne - getting there dry is better than getting there fast.

I hit the dealer's room and had a chat with punkrocker1991 , girliejones and editormum and did my major book buy (details in upcoming post.)

A quick cup of coffee in the green room (which I keep forgetting to make full use of) and then my second (and last) panel of the con with Robin Pen and angriest. Apart from a small audio problem (i.e. there wasn't any) at the start, and the moment of orientation I need when meeting angriest for the first time (even though we'd been e-quaintances for a while) it seemed to go smoothly. Except that we forgot to leave time for questions.

I'll post the youtube trailers and fragments I used once I'm back in Sydney (and on more robust and cheaper broadband.)

My friends cyberkev and Ann caught up with me after the panel, so a group of us trouped off the cafe for lunch. murasaki_1966 had a panel she wanted to see at 1pm so I stayed talking to cyberkev (as we hadn't seen each other for ages) until the failed tv panel at 2pm.

I'm a huge fan of cancelled tv shows, so I was looking forward to this panel.

dalekboy was moderating along with Ginjer Buchanan and Jeanne Mealy. A few shows were discussed - the ones I feel I have to track down are Wonder Falls (recommended to me by threemonkeys when it first ran) and Prey (which I had seen an episode of and appeared to be surprisingly bleak for network television - which is probably why it was cancelled.)

Next panel was SF and the Television Industry with Melinda Snodgrass and Paul Cornell with mondyboy moderating.

Writing SF for TV Panel

(From left: Melinda Snodgrass, Ian Mond and Paul Cornell)

Wow, Star Trek and Dr Who writers in the same room, it's a wonder the universe didn't collapse in on itself. There was an initial discussion about the differences between writing television in England (normally scripts written solo and submitted) and in the US (writers rooms, which Melinda described as "the most fun I've had with my clothes on.") Then the discussion turned to the issue of bittorrent, and how tv needs to reinvent itself to survive into the digital realm. Money has to enter the system fairly early in the production cycle, or no new shows get made. And your favourite writer starves to death. Well done, you.

(yes, I'm as guilty as anyone but I do try to follow what Paul Cornell calls a copyright footprint - that I follow-up dloads with obtaining the physical copy. But then, I won't buy physical copies of stuff I don't like, obviously.)

I think we're just going over the rapids in terms of the viability of commercial media production models - the old business models aren't holding up and are fighting to stay alive. Broadcast television, especially commercial broadcast television will turn into even more of a desolate wasteland, if that's possible.

Last panel of the day (for me) was the panel on collaboration, which I naturally attended with ferkster.

Collaboration Panel

(from left: Rocky Wood, Delia Sherman, Ellen Kushner and Garth Nix)

This was one of the best panels of the con for me - there was some valuable advice about working with others, different ways of doing it (though none of the methods were similar to the way ferkster and I work) and potential hazards along the way. Garth didn't have to struggle to keep the panel focussed and Ellen (who I'm enamoured of after her performance on Just A Minute) enjoyed turning the questions around and asking Garth about his current collaboration with ladnews. A very useful panel for ferkster and me.

Then dinner (at Automatic in the Crown Casino complex) and off to the Hugos.

There's not a lot I think I could say that would add to what others have written (and you'll have to look to other blogs for photos, etc.)

The personal highlights for me were:

- Nick's design for the Hugo base (he'd told us what he was planning a few months ago, and I think he did a great job resolving all the restrictions he was under, and his own personal goals.)

- the big one was Shaun Tan winning Best Professional Artist. I never really thought it was in doubt, but I'm so glad I was there to see him receive it from his old friend and mentor, Nick.

- Peter Watts winning Best Novelette, and thanking catsparx for bringing him out to Australia. He didn't expect to win and gave a short heartbreaking speech about the worst year of his life becoming the best. Just thinking about the moment is making me tear up again.

And then we left - we escorted kylaw across the Yarra and went back to the hotel.

And that was Day 4 of Worldcon

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