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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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murasaki_1966 and the kookaburrras

Yes, they're that friendly.

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Only when you have mince to give them. They are the laziest kookaburras in Australia.

Hah! Guessed it! I was going to comment that they're more likely hungry than friendly... :D

Yep. they will sit on you to get the mince. They make great models for photos because they come cheap.

It can get a bit fraught at feeding time. As well as these two, there are another two kookas, five butcherbirds, a magpie pair that are feeding young and the noisy miners. That's the meat eaters. Then there's the flock of lorikeets (about 30 or so), the galahs, the sulphur crested cockatoo, and the top-knot pigeons. recently a pair of Satin bowerbirds have been hanging about the backyard.

Hungy, friendly, what's the difference? Ethiopia was the friendliest nation on the planet once...

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