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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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Small update on jury duty and cat

Don't have to go in today, but have to ring in tonight to see if I go in tomorrow.

Can't wait till this is over.

BTW - Trixie is in hospital - she's having an abscess removed and hopefully we pick her up tonight. Last night was odd without her around and murasaki_1966  couldn't sleep for worrying.

At least we know she wasn't involved in the cat fight that went on outside our window at 4am.

Trixie, that is. I don't think murasaki_1966  was involved either.

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We've tried to keep her in at night.

Oh, how we've tried.

It's when she somehow got her paws on a circular saw that we thought we should put a cat door in.

Unfortunately you have to train them from kittenhood. Both of ours have always been kept in at night, and these days they come inside of their own accord as soon as it starts to get dark. We've never managed to train an adult cat to do it.


Trixie's "kittenhood".

From what we could work out, she was pretty much an abused street urchin.

Who has now taken to eating her food off the kitchen floor. She doesn't like it in the bowl.

She is without many distinctive cat behaviours but we love her just the same.

From what we could work out, she was pretty much an abused street urchin.

With a background like that it's probably quite impossible to keep her in at night!

We used to have a cat like that. A street kid cat. She hated the entire world, except for us! But with us she was really friendly. Vets were terrified of her - she'd become Psycho Killer Cat as soon as she got into the surgery.

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