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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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In Canberra for Australian Games Expo

Drove down to Canberra last night with my friend Phil, who noticed (as the night started to draw its veil around us) that the headlights weren't on.

Oh shit.

For some reason the high beams were still working so we burned out the retinas of those in front of us but, hey, at least we could see them.

So, this morning I'll dump Phil at the con and hopefully get the lights repaired.

For those interested in the Australian Games Expo - here's a group blog that will be updated through the weekend.

Not sure I'll have time to catch up with friends, but murasaki_1966 and I will be up again for the Paris Exhibition in a month or so.

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I have noted the last paragraph. You are saved from my grumbles.

Have a lovely time. Drink much water. Take the hot weather back with you when you go.

(And you have jsut reminded me, I need to ring your mother now I'm back.)

He can't bring the hot weather home with him, it's already here. It's about 43 outside and about 38 in here. It's bearable if I keep the place closed up, and the fans going.

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