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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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And they're up!

Now all we need is to put the shelves in. Oh yeah, and the books.

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Despite my buying another bookcase the other day, which was great and had room for the last of my books, unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) I got another 10 books yesterday and today for review and now have nowhere to put them!

This is not even take a tenth of the collection. Really how did we get som many.....

You wouldn't be if you had to move this lot. Twice. The husband has an umbilical hernia, and I wrecked my back even more doing it.

Time to weed.

But are they birch or beech?

Come to think of it, I can never remember if ours are birch or beech. This has caused problems.

They're birch, I think. The shelves we bought earlier may have been beech, as they are definately darker in color. Never mind. They hold things that's what matters.

You are going to laugh at this, but I just put all my poetry books together, and yes, they are inalphabetical order.

I do not plann to do this for everything.

You see, I looked at that photo and thought "boy they must have some really BIG books" then I read the bit about shelves.

I'm planning on outsourcing some of my books

We do have some very big books. However, we are developing a stack system. We found good storage boxes that seal tightly at Bunnings and are sorting books...

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