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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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Brief Update

I have a new nephew (as murasaki_1966 announced), one Luke Roberts, mother and father all well by recent accounts. We haven't been able to see them because of the dreaded lurgi (which murasaki_1966 is still afflicted by.)

ferkster and I are plugging away at another play - this time it's at least a one acter, maybe even full length. We're trying to train ourselves out of thinking in ten minute story arcs. Trouble is, it started as a comedy and is now becoming a drama, but what can you do, it goes where it goes.

Two recent films I've seen and enjoyed are Bug and Drag Me To Hell - both horror, but at pretty much opposite ends of the spectrum.

Drag Me To Hell is a ghost house fun ride, Sam Raimi pulling himself out of his post-Spiderman creative funk by doing what he does best, making you gasp in shock and laughter at the same time.

Bug is quite different, a claustrophobic descent into madness, directed by William Friedkin. Not quite up there with The Exorcist, but very effective in its own way.

And I've been called up for jury duty again (having already served on two juries - one for a major court case.) I'm just revving up on a major project at work that's going to take me into next year, so work is trying to get me out of it - it's nice to have the acting registrar state in writing that you're indispensible.

So tired now.