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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter


Tweatre has opened

So we've finally gone and done it and Tweatre has had it first night in front of a paying audience.
I feel really fucked, and still shat off at having to fight to get people to tech the show (murasaki_1966 will be teching tomorrow night's show, thank goodness) but the damn show worked.
The cast did spectacularly - especially as none of them had done impro in front of an audience before. We had a small crowd but they went home happy, so hopefully we'll get at least one full house before the end of the run.
I've done a radio interview (for Eastside Radio - it will be on the arts show on Thursday) which I'm happy with (though that depends on how it's edited) and I guess I'm just a teensy bit overwhelmed that something I've had in the back of my mind for so long has finally emerged and worked pretty much how I thought it would.
And hopefully we can build on its potential to make it something truly astonishing.
Thanks to Claire, Elliott, Lauren and Olivia for being so brave and funny and talented. Brenton is also in there, but as co-producer he convinced me to do the show and helped get everything together, so it really wouldn't have happened without him, and thanks to Mal for his support, encouragement and wisdom (also his talent - but we get to see that tomorrow night.)
But most of all - thanks to ferkster for introducing me to them.
Ferknerkle forever!
(and remember, it's not too late to book!)