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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter


Still In New Zealand

We've seen Auckland (mainly from the SkyTower thanks to i_ate_my_crusts and we've seen most of Hamilton, including the magnificent gardens and the zoo, thanks to my aunt and my cousins.

It seems we have to smuggle as many New Zealanders (or as they're known here, "locals") into Australia as we can fit in our luggage. Unfortunately, the vast range of well stocked second hand bookstores have taken care of any spare space.

Today we are off to Rotorua, then to Napier, and thence to Wellington, where more cousins and threemonkeys await us.

A longer, more detailed and illustrated accounting will have to wait till our return, and I will be maintaining radio silence until e next happen along a spare wifi connection such as the one thoughtfully provided by my cousins, allowing this very missive.

Hope you, the reader, are well.

Yrs sincerely etc.

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