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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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murasaki_1966 and I have just started catching up with this. As I love circus mythology and mysteries and Clancy Brown it's a series that's laser targetted at me. Here's a great picture of the cast filched from an interview with Dan Knauf the writer/producer:

Carnivale cast as old photograph

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We're still waiting for the DVDs to turn up. Since we ordered them from DVDsoon(er or later), who knows when. But it looks fab.

(A ha, I just got an email to say it's on its way... Goodie)

That looks cool what is this a movie or mini series?
Reminds me of a Nick Cave song "Carnivale" the freeky kind.

It's a series on the ABC on Sunday nights - they're showing two episodes a night which means in two weeks they'll be showing something else. It may be a little late to jump on board now, but the various mysteries seem to be taking so long to unravel you probably won't have missed that much.

It's been compared to "Twin Peaks", not least for Michael Anderson's involvement - he plays Samson, the head of Carnivale - he was the dwarf in the Red Room sequences in Twin Peaks (he was also hilarious in the "Humbug" episode of X-Files.) There's an ongoing mystery concerning Nick Stahl's and Clancy Brown's characters who have strange powers and appear to be two sides of the same coin, or something.

The second season has just started in the States.

And might I add, is highly addictive, and unmissable if you like circuses freaky stuff, and 1930's America (two out of three isn't bad).

I'm impressed by the care taken with the production. Everything looks right, that means worn, often dirty and dusty, and on the verge of falling to bits. Everything FITS. All the cast look right. They look half starved tired worn and (inthe case of the hookers) blowsy. It's the first thing I've seen since Grapes of Wrath that made me feel that I'm inside that particular time. God knows where they sourced the cars from....

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