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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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Frigging Internet memes

I tried to avoid it - I noted its existence and moved on - surely there was no "there" there.

But then a IT support friend of mine sent me a link and my resolve broke and I finally checked out - the chk chk BOOM girl (no, I'm not linking to it - those who know what it is will have already seen it.)

Imagine my surprise when I discover - she witnessed shit

And the moral is... just because you see it on the Channel 9 website with the word "Raw" in the corner implying a certain authenticity - doesn't mean it's in any way real.

Looking forward to Media Watch this week...

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You look forward to Media Watch every week!

The anniversary issue was a cracker. Very good to see the 'cash for comment' farrago get another airing. Likewise that David Flint jerk with his fawning letter to Alan Jones. Loved a bumper sticker I saw at markets: 'I don't listen to Alan Jones and I vote'

David Flint is an interesting case. murasaki_1966 and I have both met him (in fact murasaki_1966 worked quite closely with him at one point) and he seems from another world entirely. I'm positive he saw nothing wrong with his correspondence with Jones and seems to be unable of perceiving the irony of a classics-trained law professor railing against the "Elites" - whoever they are.

He's quite likeable in person (very old-fashioned and courtly) but appears to be from completely the wrong century. I'm positive a lot of the empathy he has for Jones comes from them both being fairly closeted gays.

BTW - Media Watch didn't cover it. Pity, but it was probably beneath them.

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