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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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Why is cut and paste so hard for people?

My name is misspelt in the Aussiecon 4 member's list (pdf)

(but then, so is Shaun Tan's... unless there is also a fan called Shaun Tann)

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Mine is too, but for once it's my first name, not my surname.

Funny - I thought your name was also misspelt but I checked the surname not the first name.

Your instinct was right :)

Ah - I didn't know that PR#1 had been issued. The spelling of my name is correct - it isn't in the member list. I really should remedy that soon.

It hasn't been issued as much as stuck on a website with a Facebook notification with a link to it. I hope they're not going to use Facebook as their sole means of communication.

Oh yes, I see it - it didn't trigger the usual email.

I know some other channels are being used. I get requests to distribute stuff around over this side of the Tasman. The PR#1 release is a good excuse for having another go at stirring up some interest over here.

And that is why I still have my before-marriage name.

I still say you're keeping the receipt (and they did spell the variation of your first name correctly - I did check.)

I lost the bloody receipt....

I remember reading a con member's list years ago and being convinced that someone had mispelt my name. It was only later I learned of the existence of your lovely wife :)

So, I went and changed my name and now people confuse me with my own husband.

You were pregnant with Conner and did n't make it to the first ConfluxI went to. Everyone looked at my tag and asked how the pregnancy was going. This was a trifle hard to take after 24 hours, so I reverted to my before-marriage name, and ditched the tag. I didn't mind being confused with you, please understand, it was the other thing.

Yeah. I hate it when peoples names are misspelled in the credits...

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