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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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With This Ring I Thee Dead - Production 2

Last night murasaki_1966 and I went up to the Blue Mountains to see a production of ferkster's and my radio play, previous done in 2004 for FBi at the Drama Studio of the Sydney Opera House.

Here's the photo of the cast and crew of last night's production:

The Cast and Crew

From the left: Joanne Samuel (playing Fiona), Tom Pappas (who did the sound fx), seated is Beth Champion (the director and producer), behind her is Tiriel Mora (playing Doug), seated is Damion Hunter (various roles including the notorious Herod 5), then me, Jack Thompson (playing Rex Rampage) and John Lenton (who was on audience cue cards.) Unfortunately not pictured is James Treddinick who did a great job as the narrator (and priest.)

The Hotel Gearin was packed and everyone seemed to have a great time. Beth Champion did a great job getting it all together, my only regret is that they didn't do live sfx on stage like the FBi show. But ferkster and I now have had a play produced with one of Australia's biggest stars, one of the stars of Australia's favourite film The Castle (though it's not a favourite of mine) and one of the stars of one of my favourite Australian films of all time.

To rub it in, here's another photo of me and my mate, Jack:

Me and Jack

He even has beers named after him. I ordered "Jack Thompson's Stout" and said I thought that was a bit rude, but it was his pub.

Honestly the real geek-out moment for me was having a chat with the lovely Joanne Samuel about Mad Max. No, she had no idea that the release in America was dubbed until a friend's father saw it in the US and told her about it. Yes, Hugh Keays Byrne and his bikie mates were very much the same off screen as on. And Miller's script sounded more like a comic script - all about the image and the movement. Joanne said she'd never read a script like it before. And she still hasn't received her comp copy of Not Quite Hollywood.

They want to do "Sit on My Facets" (the other radio play we did for FBi) so I'll let everyone know when it's on (as ferkster and I get a cut of the door.)

I'm still a little giddy from it all...

(all photos taken by murasaki_1966)

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Am I allowed to hate you yet?

No, because I got a hug from Jack (for my neighbour who is a big fan). And he let me boss him around (just a little) for the photos. You have to hate me more.

But he performed jack_ryder's words. The writer in me is desperately, desperately envious.

Okay, hate him, but it won't do any good.

OK, so I add "despairingly" to my list of adjectives. Does that work?

Still won't do any good. He's on about Cloud 4, I think. Wait until he comes down a bit further.

Now I have a pie to cook.

I got to "boss" Jack Thompson around for the photo shoot. That's an experience I'll probably never get to repeat.

I'm sure he'll never forget it either! :-)

Considering his level of inebreation, I doubt he'd remember me at all.

Really, I was very nice. The fact is: I just asked him to go up on stage for the shot, and he went as sweet as pie. Professionals are sometimes so much easier to deal with.

Glad for you that Jack made it! Cool!

Many awesome congratulations!

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