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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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Question for my WA readers.

Do you know who the Birnies are/were?

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Oh yes indeedy. Lee and I are avid serial killer followers and David and Catherine Birney are our local home-grown legends. This evil couple kidnapped, raped and killed around about 5 (4 killed, one escaped) young women and dumped them in a pine forest not far from here. The last woman (or girl as she was only 17 at the time) was smart and managed to escape, ending the Birney's spree. They committed their crimes over a four week period in 1987.

According to our sources it was 1986 but we were interested that on the East Coast they seem strangely obscure (of course, you lived near the dump site.)

We've been working on the writer's notes for our play about them (which goes on at the end of May) and we were wondering if they were a lot better known in WA.

You're right, it was 1986 (the same year I turned 17, like the girl who got away). They are very well known here. In fact, we own a book called Couples Who Kill (published in the US) and they appear in that, plus Steve Liebman's Crime Infestigation Australia has profiled them in the past, so there is a general awareness of them even overseas.

Oops, that should be investigation :)

Having watched it - a combination of infestation and investigation sounds about right. BTW there's another documentary on them this coming Wednesday on 7 - Beyond the Darklands (oooh, scary!)

Oh yeah, they are infamous and part of local history here

I don't think they'd have escaped notice in WA. I remember my mother's second husband pointing to the grave of one of their victims. It seems a little unreal when something so horrendous happens in your backyard (not literal backyard!)

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