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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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Back from Canberra!

but I'm sure no-one missed us. Because I was at Nerdcon Cancon (or rather the Australian Games Expo) most of the time - I'm going to put the stories and photos up on another site so it doesn't clutter up your nice clean f-flist - I missed a few big announcements.

We did have dinner with capnoblivious  and his lovely partner (who apparently has a lj - but I forgot to ask her user name. cloudsprite
But aside from that, I understand congratulations are in order, so without further ado:

Congrats to catsparx  for her second Aurealis award

and Congrats to Ben Snow for being nominated for an Academy Award for the third time! (Hope third time is the charm.)

And to all those in Sydney - our play "Multiple Choice" opens tomorrow night at the Newtown Theatre (admittedly with 11 other plays as part of Short and Sweet.) So maybe I'll see some of you there.