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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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What I've been up to (and why I'm tired and cranky)

Note that the crankyness relates to the tiredness and there's only one negative event in this roundup - which I'll get out of the way first:

My aunt's health: In May we went down to Tasmania for my aunt's 80th birthday. We stayed with my cousins who we got on with famously, saw some of my old family sites, generally had a great time. My aunt Mary is an artist and had an exhibition that opened Friday last week. She couldn't attend the opening - a few days before she was vomiting and such like and wound up in hospital. The doctors were unsure of what was happening but one thing was clear, she was deteriorating quickly and started to lose kidney function.

Her partner realised her decline had started when she changed her gout medication - they took her off it and she started to improve. It seems she was hit with a virus when her immune system was compromised by the medication - without the medication she was starting to recover. Until two days ago. She's had a relapse and now we're unsure if she's going to make any kind of a full recovery.

We're not as close as some families are, but we're there for each other in these kind of crises and we're all hoping for a full recovery. But speaking of families -

My brother's back: After 9 years in Bermuda my brother has returned home. He's staying with us at the moment (he's actually back in Canberra this weekend catching up with friends) and I'm really happy to see him again. He came back on Monday, which was propitious as his birthday was on Tuesday. We spent Tuesday setting up a local bank account for him and getting his Blackberry on a local network, and then went to Vatel's (a nearby French restaurant) for his birthday dinner.

In dealing with telecommunications salespeople I realised there's a paradox at work - if they knew enough about the products they were selling to be truly helpful, then they wouldn't have to work as telecommunications salespeople. For future reference - if you already have a Blackberry you want to connect to a local network, your only choice is Telstra - everyone else wants to give you a Blackberry as part of the plan. And as my brother isn't sure how long he was going to be here (he may have a job in Philadelphia, or a job may come up in New York) he didn't want to be locked into a two year plan. It didn't help that we found out his Blackberry was locked by his local (i.e. Bermudan) provider. Fortunately all that required was an unlock code and he was ready to go that night.

Also I keep forgetting how much my family drink. Not much by any real standard, but more regularly than I do. Therefore I've been going to bed late and waking with a mild hangover that would get me through the day until I could regenerate it that night. And speaking of celebrations:

Our 6th wedding anniversary on the 14th: We had a low key one - didn't give each other presents, just went to dinner at the Sydney Rowing Club and then to Hellboy 2 - which we both found disappointing compared to the original Hellboy. We couldn't make as much of the day as we'd have liked to because:

Kyla's short film: It was the last day of filming of kylaw's film. For the last two weekends I've been acting in a short film for tropfest written, produced and starring the very talented kylaw . It's honestly the best short film experience I've ever had and the crew were fantastic. aorman was the main director and jblum and shellshear took over when Ant's back unfortunately gave out just before the two days of filming. Everything was well organised beforehand, and all the small crises that break out on a low budget film (missing props, cables, etc) were smoothly navigated around. It was a great, but tiring, experience even though I think my acting's fairly rough hewn after years of neglect. For those interested in behind the scenes photos, they're in the Facebook group "Bad Reception". You might be able to catch mrteufel  as a vampire amongst the gravestones

This week: I'm in Melbourne, staying with ferkster. We have a play in Melborn08 which opens on Wednesday and we have several other plays in rehearsal as well as a one act play to finish and a project for next year to work on.

"Crossed Lines" the play in Melborn08 is the first play we wrote together - it was in the out of competition section during our first year at Short and Sweet in Sydney (we had two plays in competition) so this will be its first real performance. I'm also excited that Ballarat High School is having their drama club perform another one of our plays. They've decided to go with a series of short plays as their end of year production and I'm stoked that they've picked up "Multiple Choice" for it - it hasn't as yet been performed anywhere but may be in this year's Sydney Short and Sweet.

So, aside from my aunt's health, everything else is going really well - it's just that this is the first time in a couple of weeks that I've had enough sleep...

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And somehow in the middle of that, we got the house clean and the spare room tidied...

good luck with it all! And best wishes to your aunt.

I'm hoping your aunt de-relapses.

If you need Melbourne dinner, I'm here with family, doing the getting-well thing.

And for everything else I'll see you in October!

I got a positive sms from my cousin this morning so that's hopefully good.

I shouldn't need dinner in Melbourne (I'll be quite busy at night thanks to Brett) so I look forward to seeing the better you in October.

a lot happening!

i thought the original hellboy was crap - seems i'm on a different page to everyone else. didn't bother seeing the second one.

hope ur aunty improves.

good luck with the plays and the short film acting!

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