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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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Historic Day

Australia now has its first female head of state (look out America, you're next!)

and NSW no longer has a premier

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Yes! Costafortune AND Dilemma !!!!

Not that this will improve the governing of the state.....sorry its hard to be optimistic after so long.

Quentin Dempster has be having a field day.

We've had a female head of state since the fifties. What we have, though, is the first female actually allowed to wield that power. In fact, technically, 3/4 of the top jobs are now held by women - Rudd is the last bastion of male authority...

Oh, you historian, you...

I could have been truly pedantic and suggested that our *first* head of state was female, too. We don't give any power, but we like female figureheads?

Actually, by your own admission, Esther Abrahams was the first (but there wasn't really an Australia then. Pre-Federation.)

She was the first woman to hold enough power to be able to be described as running the colony unofficially, though. There's a conspiracy tale in this...

Esther no has her own file in my cabinet, so I have somewhere to store the info I'm collecting.

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