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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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"Relics" on in Sydney for the next two weeks

Yes, the play that will not die is back on again at the Newtown Theatre as part of Shorter and Sweeter - the best of Short and Sweet - running until the end of next week.

ferkster, murasaki_1966 and I will be going along to this Saturday's performance. Details below:


(need to add a clarification - "Relics" is back on again in Sydney - this is the first time it's played the Newtown Theatre - except for the preview of the tour which we weren't informed about.)

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congratulations! That play has done very well for you two.

Now they need to write the Broadway/West End smash that shall be critically acclaimed and will run for years.....then I can retire...

yes. That would be good.

Well, there's always "Snowtown: The Opera".

Yes, we've finally made money from it!

well that IS good news!

whoops - more money from it - it made some last year (but we'll get more this year - now to leverage it into a syndicated tv show...)

yes. The sort of show that requires the hiring of many spec fic writers...

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