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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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So let's get this straight...

It's okay for the NSW police to confiscate photographs of naked children by one of Australia's leading artists (even though there were no legal grounds for them to do so )

but it's not okay for victims to protest against an organisation that not only covers up child abuse by its members, but relocates them to fresher fields.

You know, this Catholic god can't be so omniscient and omnipotent if it needs our laws changed to protect its flock..

Roll on the Catamite Auditions
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Michael Duffy has a nice little blog thing on the SMH site asking for the best ways to annoy pilgrims. I think it's the first time I've ever agreed with him.

Mm - the comments are a hoot.

My favorite is the one who said that the catholism is the religion this country was founded on. I wrote a reply explaining that, now it wasn't, quite to the contrary in fact. Alas, it wasn't published....

There's a note there saying that they're not publishing all the comments. I like "Jesus loves you but I'm his favourite."

A friend of ours has the t-shirt that reads "my invisible friend can beat up your invisible friend".

I want to get the t-shirt that says "Jesus is coming. Look Busy"

Agreed. These laws are an insult. And an annoyance. Surely existing laws are perfectly adequate for dealing with any genuine disturbances?

It just occurred to me: if Pope Benedict turns out to be the Antichrist after all, would George Lucas be hailed as a Prophet for predicting it in his parables of Emperor Palpatine?

Existing laws are perfectly adequate to deal with this, APEC and the Olympics. Remember the Olympics? We didn't have all this stupidity then and that was bigger than APEC and WYD put together.

Yes and thoroughly outrageous the amount the taxpayer is footing for this bill. By rights, we should have to turn around and fund any and all visits by religious leaders and that's plain out ridiculous. In fact, if you extend it, this could also include secular belief 'leaders' like Hitchens and Dawkins.

But I guess they get round this by pointing out that the Pope is also head of state of Vatican City.

Considering the vast wealth that the Holy See controls, you'd think they could have funded this out of their back pocket and not noticed.

Also they are bringing a dead saint with them. I wonder what the Quarantine Service will have to say about that.

That protest article makes me kinda sick.

I applaud the introduction of an anti-annoying law and only hope the scope of the law extends. Just think of the annoying things that you could be fined then?

Mobile phones ringing in the theatre.
Telemarketers ringing at dinner time.
Politicians making speeches.
New movies by Will Ferrell.

The possibilities are endless.

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