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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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In light of the recent Dr Who discussion

A review of the end of Dr Who Season 3 that I am pretty much in total agreement with

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I don't know. I thought he over-wrote his point out of existence.

Not that I was that enthused by the Last of the Time Lords (but the Sound of Drums was fairly spiffy).

I don't disagree with much of his analysis, but I feel I'm allowed to enjoy those episodes despite their flaws. After all, it's been my approach to the new Who all along. I thought, "that's a bit of a cop-out" rather than "you've changed the rules, thereby cheating us all!"

I feel I'm allowed to enjoy those episodes despite their flaws


I'll just check with the nerd police...


...it's all right, you are allowed to enjoy those episodes

(however, they want to take me in for further questioning)

Yeah, I was just responding to the aggrieved and betrayed tone of the article.

You should read the rest of the site

Hmmm, that's maybe my problem, I feel betrayed by where RTD has taken "Dr Who" so I respond to the tone of the review. I've become less and less interested (and more and more sensitive about my "disinterest") in the series as it has progressed. It's the only recent high profile SF series that I haven't been bothered to watch every episode of, whilst I've seen most of the old Who (abandoning ship when Colin Baker showed up.)

So I'm guilty of fannish entitlement (why don't they make the way it used to be instead of making it popular!)

I just find it's a show that panders to an audience that it wants to slag off - either fans (Love and Monsters) or non-fans (The Runaway Bride). And now that RTD's Doctor Who is, effectively, Jesus Christ, there doesn't seem to be much point in watching.

Moffat's scripts are good though, but I realised that I was more interested in the protagonists of Blink (and wanted them to get their own series) than the Doctor and Martha.

I find Doctor Who a fairly mediocre show, with some good episodes, rather than something I have to watch every week. So I should really thank RTD that he's given me back more of my time.

(I really need to watch BSG now - it probably helps that I wasn't a fan of the original)

It's the only recent high profile SF series that I haven't been bothered to watch every episode of,

It's the only recent high profile SF series that I do watch every episode of. I think it's far and away the best current SF series.

I really need to watch BSG now

I managed to endure the first few episodes, then decided life is too short. Best thing I can say about it is that it's better than Firefly.

I pretty much agree with your assessment ('a fairly mediocre show, with some good episodes'), but am happy watching it as it comes out. If nothing else it puts some of the stuff in my flist in context.

I agree intellectually with this assessment - but I enjoy DW quite disproportionately, and the question of "why" occasionally bothers me. There's been only a handful of episodes that I didn't find sparkly - even as I recognised their flaws - but there's only a handful that I'd want to watch again.


I wouldn't call that a bad thing. Enjoy.

I think I've got more right to be defensive about not liking it as much as I feel I should than you have to feel defensive about liking it more than you think you should.

I'm going to apply this to every fannish "controversy" I come across from now on.

But, I did realise on the way home, that it's about the only family-friendly SF show currently running on television, so it still has that.

3rd season was so yesterday half way through 4th ;)

The 4th season is just brilliant so far.

This is one of those cases where everything in an argument makes sense but you don't "agree" with it on some level because your own experience was different. I wasn't looking for flaws in continuity, I was hoping that the actor playing the part would be engaging and demonstrate some of the necessary flair, the special effects would be effective, and the plots would work purely on an entertainment level.

For all these reasons, I've enjoyed the David Tennant Doctor. And, oh, also, that 'dreadful' Torchwood.


I'm hard pressed to think of another show whose episodes I've heard as fiercely as those of the new Who.

And that's not mentioning the pool of dicks who have decried every other episode since it started YET ARE STILL WATCHING.



Don't tell me that I am being a pedantic little asexual fanboy This sort of thing matters. It matters because it makes it hard for us to emotionally invest in these characters ever again.

But you ARE because it DOESN'T.

I suppose if you're willing to go all lit-crit on people's asses, then don't tell me that I'm not allowed to enjoy myself anymore, you deconstructionist twat.

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