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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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Last post for awhile

...maybe (he said mysteriously)

and I just wanted to use it to point to this article, especially for thetathx1138 's benefit - to show his generation wasn't the first to be slandered (though the article does throw me in with the Gen X'ers which I bitterly resent - get it straight people, I'm from the Generation With No Name - the generation that used to ride into small towns on donkeys leaving the quiet of the grave in our wake.)

In other news, ferkster acquitted himself well on ABC Melbourne radio last night, promoting our play and Shorter and Sweeter (and performing part of it with Tracy Harvey, who you may remember from such films as Terror Lostralis and Buckeye and Pinto - oh all right, and the Gillies Report.) I was able to record his segment with the magic of the Mac (and Audio Hijack Pro)

And we've had another play short listed for a short play thing in Melbourne - the weird thing is, it's the first play we wrote together and if it gets through, it winds up in Short and Sweet Melbourne (though it was a wildcard entry in Sydney about five years ago.)

Oh well, tomorrow, Tasmania!

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Is it me or do all of these articles read like "OFF MY LAWN! YOU DAMN KIDS!"?

I think the key difference between "Gen X" and "Millenials" (side note: the term "Millenial" is actually marketroid speak: people my age had NOTHING to do with it and we certainly don't embrace it as a term) is that the former did all their stupid shit in ways that don't generally involve Internet documentation. Nobody who supported the grunge/coffee or rave cultures can truly say those damn kids are worse with a straight face.

Gen X is also marketroid speech (all this shit is just trying shoehorn "trends" into a sellable demographic.)

Yeah, we tried to keep our idiocy undocumented (with the notable exceptions of zines, grunge, rave, etc. etc....okay, it's just that our indiocy wasn't immediately indexed by Google.)

And when I say "our" idiocy, I mean "their"

I actually just posted on that topic.

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