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Maybe it's genetic

It's strange - we hear a lot at the moment about President Bush's financial culpability - but not a hell of a lot about his brother's

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Well, to be fair to the guy, I thought he was going to be shadier than he came off from that. He sounds like a bit of a jerk and a bit of a fuckup, but his brother's a whole lot worse.

I knew of his involvement in the S&L scandal (not that he was "cleared" though I guess that was to be expected.)

What amazed me is that his software company is directly profitting from the "No (Rich) Child Left Behind" program even though it seems to be a massive conflict of interest. The Bush family seem to think of the US (and therefore the First World's) economy as their own private piggy bank - which they occasionally have to take a hammer to when they run out of cocaine.

Though Australians can talk - our last Prime Minister bailed out his brother's company with our own money.

True, I'm certainly not a fan of that blatant conflict of interest in terms of education software, but honestly, that's a fairly minor degree of corruption as these things go. And from what little I know of the company, the software came before the contracts. It's corrupt in other words, but unlike most government corruption it seems like there's genuine benefit to the kids. Besides, there are plenty more outrages, like recently when it was discovered the Pentagon had handed $300 million to a twenty-two year old fuckup and his massage-therapist buddy to buy the Afghani police and military their ammunition.

And to be fair, you have to be nice to your Prime Ministers. You never know when they're going to die horribly, just by taking a walk on the beach.

And to be fair, you have to be nice to your Prime Ministers. You never know when they're going to die horribly, just by taking a walk on the beach.

Harold Holt is dead?!?!? We were expecting him to show up at the Beijing Olympics!

and, yes, in the general scheme of things Neil Bush is a very minor player, I was just surprised to see how much of the reverse-Midas touch ran in the Bush family.

Nice of you to mention it, but Harold Holt went for a swim in a very dangerous bit of surf, not a nice stroll along the beach.

He was trying to impress his mistress at the time.

See, we have sex scandals too.

Well, I'd hope so. If you didn't have any sex scandals, that would mean nobody was having any sex!

That's the sort of thing that always impresses me.

Nobody will say anything before the elections in case it backfires but I wonder if a Democrat gets in whether there will be criminal charges laid against Bush. There certainly should be.

They always pardon the outgoing regime, so that the next guy will do the same for them. Honour among thieves. Like Nixon, they remain above the law.

If covering up shooting an old man in the face gets you a public apology from the victim, then I can't see under what circumstances criminal charges would be laid against Bush. They wouldn't dare.

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