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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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Podcasts I recommend

I'm halfway through Stephen Fry's second podcast, and it's like being immersed in a warm bath of very erudite chocolate. Highly recommended (but, unfortunately, only available through iTunes.).

Also recommended, but only to a few of you (specifically ashameland mrteufel) is the Geekarati episode with John Rogers. (Direct download - recommended - available from this page but I'm not sure for how long.)

I'm a big fan of John Roger's blog - Kung Fu Monkey, as he seems to be very clued into the changing interaction between technology, broadcast media and the audience. He makes some very interesting points in the podcast but that's not why I'm recommending it - I'm recommending it because of the discussion of 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons and the importance of RPGs in general at the end. It may only be available on the downloaded/podcasted version, as it didn't go to air.

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I didn't now they'd made a pilot of Global Frequency (I finally read them). Do you have a copy of the show?
I'll check out the podcasts.

I had a copy of the show - I'm not sure where it is now. It should still be available on the torrents.

Michelle Forbes (one of my favourite actresses) is Miranda Zero. Perfect casting.

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