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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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Collision this morning

Getting to work was already off to a rough start as the bus waiting at the bus-stop was not moving, and wasn't likely to move for some time - so we had to wait for the next bus. No problem.

But as we came down Ramsey Street to the Fairlight St intersection we heard a crash and I looked up from my Ipod to see a white sedan spin across Fairlight St to wind up parallel to the bus. Whilst the woman inside looked shaken, she didn't seem hurt, but the passenger's side was crumpled. There was that moment when everyone's trying to work out the best course of action - do we all get off the bus and help her? Are we needed as witnesses? (some of the passengers had clearly witnessed the whole thing) Do I take my camera phone out and take photos - more out of the need to take some action rather than sit there uselessly.

Someone was then leaning in through the passenger side window talking to the woman, she seemed fine (but really, who can tell) and the bus moved off - past the car that had collided with her, still in the middle of the intersection, its front crumpled. Again, the driver looked more shocked than injured and I tried to reconstruct what had happened - the white car must have been coming down Ramsey Street towards Five Dock and the dark car (I can't actually remember the colour except it was dark) must have shot out of Fairlight Street with some force to send the white car spinning across the road like that. But then the dark car must have braked as it was still across the intersection, where the point of impact must have happened.

The traffic flowed past, we left the accident behind us, already transforming into an anecdote for those at work, and I couldn't help thinking, even with what I'd seen (i.e. most of the aftermath) I would have been a hopeless eyewitness. And what would I have done if there wasn't a bus full of people and cars all around, and someone already taking the initiative to check on the drivers?

I hope I would have done the best thing possible, but then I keep thinking of that slight nagging voice suggesting I get my camera phone out to record it. And, really, would that have been a better eye witness?