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Beware the Creeper!

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Oscar Shock - A Simple Act of Decency

I'm not a fan of the Oscars per se, I won't organise parties around them though if I'm bored at work I will check the winners as they come through and alert my workmates accordingly (though that didn't happen yesterday.)

I find them overly self-congratulatory, Hollywood's celebration of itself for doing what it does best, presenting gilt-edged lies to the public (sorry - telling stories.)

But last night's Oscar had one of those rare moments when something genuinely laudatory happened. It was such a small thing but it was an act of decency that so often eludes Hollywood when it's intoxicated by it's own wonderfulness.

And thanks to Youtube I can bring you that exact moment (it starts at the 1:35 mark.)

Yes, Jon Stewart actually brought back  Markéta Irglová after the commercial break to give her acceptance speak so she wasn't robbed of her (possibly) one chance to express appreciation of the honour bestowed upon her by  the imperial court of entertainment.

It's such a small thing in the scheme of things, but it would have meant so much to her and I'm impressed that Stewart was able to give her that chance.

I'm already impressed with the way Jon Stewart handled the night and, whilst I'd imagine the decision wasn't necessarily his alone to make, I truly applaud him for making this particular Oscar ceremony something a little bit special.

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It was very sweet - and a big step from some previous ceremonies, like when they cut off Martin Landau mid-sentence and went to an ad break.

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