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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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Short and Sweet is over

For me at least. It's still got another three weeks or so before the gala and the end of the festival.

I kind of enjoyed acting again, and kind of found it an imposition. At least we were the first play of the evening which meant two things:

- I could leave early and

- the play didn't work.

Our play ("Play Removed Due to Legal Advice") was meant to disrupt proceedings, not lead them off. As it was, on most nights, it took ages for the audience to warm up and enter into the spirit of it.

We shouldn't have been so parasitic as to ride in on the energy created by other plays, but whoever scheduled the running order can't have read the plays, otherwise they would have known that our play shouldn't have gone on first.

Oh well, I'm looking at it as another lost opportunity (like "The Old Crowd" last year, which was miscast but still kind of worked. We were robbed of the chance of seeing what we actually intended though.)

"Play Removed" certainly wasn't one of our best plays, but I don't think it was shown in it's best light.

Still it was good to work with Mal again, and also some of the cast of "Gone Bush" (as well as Nadine, Fran and Luey who worked behind the scenes on "Gone Bush" but were onstage during this production.

But, it seems, we should go back to writing more conventional plays.

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Oh I don't think there would have been a fuss over your play being 'parasitic'. Plain fact is, you're right, it was put in the worst spot possible - one that made no sense whatsoever - which only makes one wonder why they chose it if they weren't going to show it in its best light.

I enjoyed your performance and encourage you to do more. Though you do seem to have a penchant for gruff types so perhaps you could write a broader role for yourself next time.

A very good evening's entertainment we all thought.

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