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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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Time out for spoiler free rave

The Sarah Connor Chronicles had one of the best first episodes I've ever seen.

If the rest of the series keeps up with that kind of quality, it's going to be up there with BSG and Firefly.

I honestly wasn't expecting it to be that good (or that clever).

Well done, Josh Friedman!

(I now return you to your regularly scheduled friends list)

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Do you mean the pilot or the first series episode (in effect the second episode)? I only ask because I just watched that second episode and it does pretty much keep the same quality level as the first. I'm not entirely sure about this show though - it skews pretty heavily into introspective angst (more in the second ep) and that is a difficult line to keep without turning into a soap opera. For example, I thought that Bionic Woman got too wrapped up in that direction. Still, other shows have managed it - BSG treads that line a lot and we all love that. With the strike, Sarah Connor should get a full run of the episodes made in decent time slots so it should get every chance to succeed.

I guess it's the pilot, because it ends at the point I assume the series proper begins (without wanting to give anything away).

It's the episode where Cameron is introduced.

There's an interesting sub-theme of the Terminator films that appears to be carried over to the series - the implicit mistrust of authority. I agree the angst level is pretty high, but the stakes are pretty high too, and we're are dealing with a cast of characters who are effectively insurgents (who will lose everything - literally - if they fail) so if it makes one US viewer empathise with the Iraqis than that would be a good thing.

Sure, I think the level of angst intensity is entirely appropriate to the context of the show setting - I just think it will be a hard task for the writers to keep it at just the right level. I do hope that can.

That's a good point about being able to sustain the tone, without driving viewers away after a while. Downbeat SF seems to be the go now at least as far as television's concerned. No more shiny happy futures.

Never mind, it's an antiauthoritarian show on Fox - it probably only has about eight episodes left :(

I'm confused. I thought the episode that played on US TV last week was the previously-available-sort-of-bootleg-pilot, albeit cleaned up some. Is that not the case?

Yes, the one you describe played on Sunday (US time - monday here), then the next episode played on Monday (US time) in what will be its regular ongoing time slot. So two episodes in two days for us lucky fans.

So this on pay tv? DVD? ("Other"?)

i watched it a few months ago when it leeked, its pretty good totaly going to watch the series.

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