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Beware the Creeper!

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Front page of SMH this morning

Front page of SMH this morning, originally uploaded by JackRyder.

I thought there was a media blackout on election ads?

(At least it shows the proper authorisation - unlike the ads that have shown up on Facebook)


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I understand the media blackout does not extend to the Internet.

Thanks for the correction.

Here's the official stance:

from The Australian Media section )

"Our rules do not apply to internet advertising," ACMA spokesman Donald Robertson said yesterday.

"Our rules apply to organisations that hold broadcasting licences. The blackout is given effect by a licence condition on broadcasting licensees. It covers radio and TV but not their websites. You don't have to have a licence to operate a website."

AEC spokeswoman Bernadette O'Meara confirmed ACMA's interpretation, which will enable all parties to run internet ads in the three days up to and including polling day on November 24.

Newspapers have been the traditional beneficiary of the blackout, as they are also exempt.

Still - it was an effing intrusive ad (one of those flash things that extended across the whole page.)

And it still doesn't fix the problem of the Facebook ads that don't show the boilerplate "authorised by" statements as required by law (though the ad shown above does - eventually.)

Re: Thanks for the correction.

Still - it was an effing intrusive ad (one of those flash things that extended across the whole page.)

They're really ugly ads - desperate and crass.

I say ban all election advertising full stop. No TV, no Newspaper, no internet, no radio,no whatever new media is about to arrive. The only thing politicians are allowed to do is door knock,and have small rallies of 100 people or less at a time in local parks. And the pollies have to buy everyone an icecream(voter's choice).

I say no election advertising EVER EVER

Have you worked out where you're voting yet?

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