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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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Heard the one about...

the Hollywood executives who can't make money off the Internet?

Just remember guys, in order to keep milking a cash cow, it's important to feed it occasionally.

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I see a comparison between crippled vampire bats and studio executives: both have no problems feeding off scabs.

The commentary I've read suggests that scabbing is a no win situation for either the studio (who gets unexperienced writers) and the scab themself (who will find themselves blacklisted from any union show.)

That being said, I wonder if they're being a trifle optimistic. In Australia we're living through a prolonged period of union-busting by our Glorious Leader and it's possible that those hemorrhoids currently holding high office in your country will take the same approach.

The last writers' strike (which was a failure) brought us reality television. God knows what this one will bring, as I don't see it being resolved any time soon.

Fortunately, the luckiest of us still have books and the ability to read them.

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