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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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Catch up!

  • Turned 40 on Saturday. Had party (or rather get together) to celebrate. ashamel, wintersheart, kalenture,shelfbat and, of course, murasaki_1966 were there. A number of my friends from Canberra made the trip up for it too. It was a lot of fun but I didin't catch up with everyone. Inevitable really.

  • As for presents - murasaki_1966 gave me the complete works of MR James, my mother gave me a hammock, my brother gave me a PS2 (and murasaki_1966 gave me an Eyetoy to go with it) and my friends gave me DVDs and books (mostly political) none of which I've had the time to get through yet, though I've started looking at TISM's "White Album" (thanks Lou and Graham). Odder presents included a "Happy Birthday" music box (thanks Peter E) and toe separators for when (not if) I start painting my toenails (thanks Joanne)

  • Meet the director of "Relics" yesterday. He was the original director of "The Boys" at Griffin (the play that is, the film came later.) We had an interesting discussion about various parts of the play, and he wants me to come along to rehearsals (when I can.) I'm very glad I've got back to theatre after all these years.

  • A quick conversion of the eyetoy into a webcam and I was able to see my nephew in Bermuda (Yes, I know, I didn't need the webcam at my end to see him, but my brother got see me, murasaki_1966 and my mother, so Lucas will be able to see us as well, some point in the future.)

  • Finally, the new Daleks have been unveiled.

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Yes, but did you see this? :)


I was there too. Just a point to be pedantic: it's the "White Albun" - typical TISM drollery (they were fan-tuckin-tastic live too!)

Berko Wills

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