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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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Laid up at the moment

though not enough to avoid going to work.

I've bitten the bullet and had my ingrown toenail operated on (no pictures this time.)

I'm not in any real pain, just a strange level of discomfort, with a cartoonish bandage covering my big toe.

So this weekend was a bit of a write off. I missed both rehearsals and a film day at ashamel's and just limped around the house.

Finally watched Death Note: the Last Name which murasaki_1966 enjoyed without having seen the first film. It was a satisfying conclusion that focussed more on the cat and mouse game between Light and L as L and the police finally have to accept they're up against the supernatural.

It has that interesting moment, so rare in fantasy films, where an intelligent protagonist has to adjust his world view to accommodate the existence of the death gods. Of course it helps that the death gods have rules of their own that L can appreciate.

I look forward to the prequel that focuses on L and one of his previous cases - but for continuity to work, it can't have an true supernatural element. L is one of my favourite fictional detectives now - kind of like a teenage version of Adrian Monk, but with a ruthless streak.

Speaking of teenager detectives with a ruthless streak - we're now about half way through the second season of Veronica Mars and it's taken a turn I wasn't expecting.

(edit: fuck, fuck, fuck I meant this to be spoilered so I've just removed it. VM watchers should know the episode I'm talking about)

I keep wondering if it's a huge mis-step on behalf of Rob Thomas or a stroke of genius. Or does it get ret-conned out of existence later?

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