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Beware the Creeper!

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(no subject)

The cat has left the bag

(so - what now?)

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I worry that the Australian people either have the collective memory of a goldfish, or simply don't care. little johnie has been crafty enough to make sure there have been no military personel killed in action thus far, and there's always been the argument of supporting our (immensly more powerful) ally - right or wrong. I loathe our involvement in Iraq. I loathe the US's involvement.

Afghanistan is where we should have put all our war and postwar efforts. That's where the Taliban were sheltering Al Queda. If the same efforts had been concentrated on Afghanistan as were in Iraq, the Taliban would be history - instead of a recovering menace, and Al Queda wouldn't have a new base to recruit terrorists from.



The US Senate has voted to double the reward money for bin Laden and has demanded regular progress reports on intelligence gathering and apprehension of al Qaeda. This is the right way to proceed and was delayed, I feel, because the Executive is first given the benefit of the doubt to take the necessary action - trust they have manifestly betrayed in this case - and because the Democrats have only just been given control there.

It is also my understanding that Bush's vetoing of any plans to pull out has been exhausted and a timetable for withdrawal has now been exercised.

Pity about the two trillion dollars wasted on Iraq and the escalation of terror that has resulted but that's what happens when you vote for a venal moron.

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