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(though, of course, not as big a tragedy as what's happening in Aboriginal communities - why, I hear that's as bad as Hurricane Katrina!)

Lilith is dead.

Wouldn't start up this morning (only gives out a pathetic, almost sub-audible chirp.)

Me sad. :(

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She's not dead; she's in a coma. Have hope, get her to the doctor.

I'm presuming Lillith is a car...

She's his brand-new top-of-the range- MacBook Pro. The car is called "the Pony" (there's a story to the name). He is very distressed. No joke.

If its new then it should still be under warranty, yes?

Yes, but it has stuff on it that has been backed up on the new external hard drive (for complicated reasons). So he's upset. Hopefully, it will turn out to be nothing too bad. It can be replaced with a new one, but he will need to replace everything on her.

The Pony blew her water pump up a few weeks ago, and need to be repaired straight away (a week before she was due to go for a service). So that crisis has already happened. Hopefully, ther won't be any more.....

Yes, she's still under warranty.

She's been taken to one of the darker, wilder places of Glebe composed of narrow streets and garage doors and back entrances to brothels where hopefully she will be brought back to life, with all her memories intact.

And not scrubbed clean and forced into doing the brothel's accounts...

Bad luck mate. Hope you can get it fixed with minimal trauma and expense.

Gack! At least the external drive is readable by other computers, yes?

ummm, that's a maybe (i.e. the windows partition of Lilith chokes when I insert the drive - haven't checked it on Jezebel yet.)

That's a yes - the external drive works on Jezebel

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