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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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No one else seems to have broken the news

So I will

Doctor Who to end in 2008 (not - see below)

(according to The Sun)

(from TVSquad)

(edit: according to the comments it may only be that RTD is leaving)

(nother edit  - BBC aren't going to axe the show, so it will probably continue without RTD )

(serves me right for not checking all of the RSS feed...)

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All power to Russell Davies for getting Who back on the air. But his mentorship has been a mixed blessing as far as the quality of the episodes, and the fear of being too Sf is concerned. It will be interesting to see someone else take it in a new direction. And Who is nothing if not flexible in the stories it can tell.

Yeah, once again I'm kind of ambivalent

(Probably need a t-shirt with AMBIVALENT on it for these post-ironic times.)

Yes, it's good he got the good Doctor back on the air.

But I could have done without the fanservice (and the romantic entanglements which I still find icky in context) and the Doctor waving his magic wand and everything being all right. It's not Star Trek for god's sake.

Mark Gatiss is rumoured to take over - I'd (much, much) rather it was Steven Moffat, but then if he just writes most of the episodes I'll be happy.

(checks) Cool, he's written a 3rd season episode. Might be worth checking out what I have of the 3rd season then (Haven't gone past the dodgy Shakespeare episode even though I have a crush on the new assistant.)

Have you now?? I never thought you'd be unfaithful to Michelle F.

I have a crush, not an amour beyond the bounds of time and space. But slightly less than my amour for you, mon amour.

(Phew - bit of French fixes everything.)

Me, I'm happy to wait for free-to-air. The ABC's sure to show it. Unlike, say, 10 and BSG.

RTD is leaving

And there was much rejoicing.

Or so I have been led to believe.

I think he will go down in Who history as one of the better producers. He was certainly the only one able to bring the damn thing back onto the air and finally be treated seriously by the BBC for the first time ever.

Plus we've had a good run of classic stories that will get remembered by fans with the best of the old series.

I am fairly ambivalent, but there have been some bits I have enjoyed (mostly not in RTD's stories, I have been led to believe).

There seem to be rather a lot of complaints about him, but that may just be my very selective reading.

Maybe it's just producers get a hard rap -- on DW at least. For almost any other show, nobody notices them. JNT certainly did, though he produced some good stuff (and some bad).

I think that some old-school fans were going to be irritated whatever the new person did with it. I've been enjoying the new series more than not, but I agree with jack's "magic wand" comment.

I think that the episodes "Dalek", "The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances", "Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways" and "The Girl in the Fireplace" would all go down as "classics" in my view. Girl in the Fireplace in particular I think would easily make my top 10 Doctor Who stories of all time.

My experience with RTD is that the fair majority of Who fans like what he's done, and a very vocal minority tend to badmouth him from all directions. Of course Russell probably got a few of those fans off-side when he claimed he never visited Doctor Who fan forums because "the stench of lack of sex was unbearable"...

There seem to be rather a lot of complaints about him

They all seem to come from a small number of fans who really think they should have got the job, and are enraged that RTD doesn't consult them about every decision he makes. Jealousy is a terrible thing. I think the revived Doctor Who is mostly fantastic, and although it has a few ups and downs the old Who was just as erratic. That's the charm of the show. Episodes like The Girl in the Fireplace, The Empty Child, Dalek, Gridlock, Tooth and Claw and Human Nature are as good as any Who episode from any period of the show's history. What really annoys some fans is that RTD has been so successful with Who then he had the temerity to go and start another successful sci-fi series! The success of Torchwood really gets up the noses of some.

Yes, better than JNT (but so is malaria) but who else?

(genuinely curious, not being up on my old Dr Who as much as I used to be.)

Classic stories?

The one's written by S Moffat (Empty Child, Doctor Dances, Girl in the Fireplace)


what others would you consider classics? (i.e. remind me, not a lot of them have stuck with me)

I sort of forgive JNT because of S25 and 26. I think he tried to do interesting things, even if there were a lot of failed experiments.

And that would be my list too, except Dalek sort of annoyed me.

I mentioned above: Dalek, the Moffat episodes, Parting of the Ways. I haven't seen Human Nature/The Family of Blood yet, but all indidications are that it's up there in the quality stakes too.

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