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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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(no subject)

Livejournal deletes fanfiction communities as part of crack down on child pornography

(and the question that occurs to me is, should I continue to use lj? warren_ellis has already made his position clear.)

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Well, LJ have apologized. It seems there was a distinct failure of the imagination on the part of those doing the deleting. Hmm... the distinction between fictitious depiction and advocacy has always caused arguments. See kateormon's post on the same issue.

I was half expecting something like this after the coverage of the under-age sex avatars in Second Life.

My concern is how readily (and clumsily) LiveJournal responded to pressure from a far-right organisation.

Now that they've had a victory (of sorts), there's nothing to stop them (or similar organisations) from pulling the same crap again.

No-one seems overly concerned about that (except from some of the American ljers who are no doubt more familiar with how these things work.)

I have no interest in fanfiction (as long as it's not turned into a commercial product) and I think concentrating on the inherent squickiness of it (as Kate and Grant seem to be doing) is avoiding the real issue.

One can hope that LJ will be more cautious next time, given the vehemence of the user backlash, and the quite humble position taken in the apology. They admitted they acted extremely poorly. Let's see if they learn from admitted mistakes.

sorry - "inherent squickiness of some of it".

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