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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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Poisoned myself

Never been a big fan of fish. Avoid it when I can. Can't get used to the taste.

But murasaki_1966's a big fish eater. And it's better for me than other meat.

And it's just a Thai fish cake.

Just one Thai fish cake.

Scarfed it down, noting in passing that I still don't like the taste and the room started to swim.

Whoops - must be sympathetic magic at work.

Tried to keep up my end of the conversation whilst the others at lunch shifted in and out of focus.

Made it back to work.

Tried to work.

Gave up and went home.

Lay in bed until the ocean decided to subside.

(murasaki_1966 is still trying to convince me to eat fish. She must have me insured.)

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I threw out some clams the other day because they were green, but with fish cakes it's all mushed up and you can't tell, can you?

Hope you're feeling better.

!!! maybe ur body doesn't like fish.
I've been going to RPA for food problems and they say if the tummy reacts, don't eat that again. they analyse to figure out what, but in general, if it causes an ache, don't.
they reckon every food has chemicals in it and blah de blah, etc. some react badly.
fish/seafood is one of the things that can cause problems.
could be something else in the fishcake, though.
sorry - am a food geek/bore at the moment cos of RPA visits.

!!! maybe ur body doesn't like fish.

See, that's what I think. But it could have been something else in the fish cake as I've had fish oil supplements though with no ill effects, and there's certainly fish sauce used in Thai cooking - a friend of mine who has severe (i.e. life threatening) allergies can't touch fish or nuts so can't eat Thai food at all.

I think not liking the taste is my body telling me something.

yeah, food intolerance is different to allergy, but still means u shouldn't eat it - or not eat much.

i s'pose trying different types of fish by themselves is the answer if u want to know for sure. but a dietitian at St Vincent's years ago said don't bother, just don't.

the amt of food i eat is so restricted cos of tummy aches - i used to think i was the fussiest eater and now i know why.

Any chance you might have a peanut allergy? Thai food often has peanuts in the sauce... Of course this won't wash if you eat peanut butter sandwiches every day.

Any chance you might have a peanut allergy?


The satay chicken went down well, thank you very much. It wasn't until I ate the fish cake that the world went all swimmy.

Silly me.
See, the analytical part of me wants to start feeding you various forms of fish, prawns and crab, to see what happens.
Then the friendly part of me remembers you're my friend, and that I actually don't want to torture you.


I'm the same way, and I'm married to him.

Just natural curiousity. I don't intend putting such notions into practice.

Why doesn't this reassure me?

He has reacted badly to non-seafood Thai before. But you don't know if they failed to clean the knives properly between cutting the chicken and the seafood. Thai fish cakes have all sorts of things in them, which is why I'm wondering if it was prawns or the wrong type of fish. The omega 3 fish oil caspusle didn't bring on this reaction. MMM. Better not to experiment. I need you alive,as does Trixie.

Listen to the wisdom of your body young Jedi!
If you need to defend you non-fish choices, just cite what eating fish did to me.
Fish can really mess your head up man, just don't do fish!

Yeah - why do I need to defend my non-fish choices?

Why do I need to defend my right to like "Hot Fuzz" over "Shaun of the Dead".

Oh wait - I'm just remembering Bill Maher's joke-

What do you call a man who's always wrong?

A Husband.

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