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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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World of Warcrack

I, too, have succumbed...

(well, for the length of the free trial, but I better find a use for boar teeth soon...)

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what're you playing?

A female elf hunter - up to level 3 after about an hour and half's play (and two hours of downloading patches)

I'll check tonight what server I'm on.

It's very well done.

yeah, there's a huge chunk of patches to download when you play. every couple of months another one comes along, but so far i haven't had to download anything as big as the start.

the first ten levels are pretty easy to rack up, i've found.

Come home, all is forgiven.

(Deleted comment)
Had an interesting discussion with Michael last night (who's far more in Wow than me - but then he's single.)

We talked about how time just disappears in WoW because there's no indication of how much time has passed (there's no discrete units of play like City of Heroes where every new area has a loading screen.)

I'm going to piss about with WoW for a few more days than get back to CoH as it's easy to ration time there.

WoW appears to be more of a vocation than a game (and I've already got a vocation.)

At least neither WoW or CoH are as empty as Second Life.

I' still going strong on Proudmore heheh I am bad level 55 pally...

Yes, but is there a good level 55?

O I guess if you play alliance, for the horde!

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