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I agree with Bill Heffernan

Only people who have passed a child between their legs (in an outward direction) are eligible for leadership of a political party.

John and Kevin should step down at once.

(edited to make more sense - damn pre-coffee blogging)

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You should send that to the Sydney Morning Herald!

Your parentethical comment brings up possibilities I'd never have considered.

You bastard!


You obviously haven't seen that movie.

That one. Um.

Basketcase? Cronenberg? Iain?

It is a spoiler for Grim Prairie Tales - that's the only one I can think of.

That wasn't what I was thinking of. Tarnation.

Obviously, since the whole "anyone who meets Brian Burke must resign" fiasco, the Government have been careful to make sure that all things said are consistent. So if they don't qualify for the outward direction, then perhaps the inward must be assumed?
I enjoyed Bill's apology, it was so sincere, and just in time to deflect the latest spin against Julia's IR statements.

Heffernan is another in the mould of Wilson Tuckey and Ross Lightfoot. I guess the morons need a representative in Parliament as well.

Bushbashin' Berko

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