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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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Woo Hoo!

murasaki_1966 just rang to say she's booked the tickets to see Ian McKellen's King Lear in Melbourne.

(this almost makes up for missing the chance to meet him at a Short and Sweet workshop two years ago.)

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Ian Mckellen? That's cool!. The bloke seems so fragile nowadays, I'm surprised he's touring.

I don't think he is fragile (he didn't look so much in what I saw of Extras) but that could be why they're limiting the number of performances (though it's still impressive - he's doing both The Seagull and Lear, though he's only doing the evening performances of Seagull.)

Yup - William Gaunt's doing the Seagull matinees (for sci-fi nerd people, he was one of the Champions in 1960s and played Orcini in the Doctor Who story "Revelation of the Daleks").

Thanks Grant, I knew I knew William Gaunt's name from somewhere (The Champions) - of course, I could have confused him with William of Gaunt.

Do you want us to pick you up a programme?

Thanks, but by ridiculous stupidity I can pick one up myself - Sonia and I are flying across an entire continent just to see the show (purchased tickets this morning).

What's sadder is that we're not going for Ian McKellen - we're going to see Sylvester McCoy as Lear's Fool! : )

Sylveter McCoy's the Fool? Don't tell Kate. We better try and get her a Lear program.

Lear is a huge role. There is so much anger and hurt and pain in it. Actors have felt crippled by it afterwards (Richard 3 has a similar effect). I'd be limiting my performances if I was doing it.

And, my darling, if you think you're elated, I'm estatic (sic).

I meant, of course, ecstastic.

The 3 hour running time of the play can't be doing him any favours, either - unless they've *seriously* edited it down (which, given its 7pm start time, I doubt).

We're off to see the Wizard!!!

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