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Geeky stuff

I was given a new computer box for my birthday by a friend of mine (which sounds a lot more generous then it was - he had upgraded and was going to get rid of it - still, I'm pretty happy.)

We installed WinXP on it, and I spent last night cannibalising the old computer into the new one. It accepted the hard drive with no problem (still - glad I spend ages backing up all my documents and downloads - not mention murasaki_1966's precious database) and the CD burner and DVD drive. The DVD drive works more consistantly now, then in the old box, so I'm happy. Managed to reinstall Office and spent the morning restoring my Palm apps.

Apart from a couple of scary moments (thought I'd burnt out the monitor when I'd just knocked out the video card, and couldn't get my Firefox preferences to load until I ignored the advice on their support webpage) it's working great.

So it's ready for ferkster and I to work on tonight!


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